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What are we all buying this Black Friday?

Black Friday is weird. Partly because it’s not a Friday in any meaningful sense; what feels like a majority of deals start at least a fortnight in advance and continue well into the following week, an almost month-long commerce safari. The best Black Friday deals? Uncountable, not for lack of trying.

I have mixed feelings about it, clearly. I get why some people hate it. But I like having better computer stuff, and I like not having to spend as much money to get it. They’ve kind of got me over a barrel here. Still, while I’d never begrudge anyone climbing above the bottom layers of the ol’ Maslow’s hierarchy, it’s worth making sure that you’re only buying the things you want – not the things a big red “percentage figure off!” sticker makes you think you want. With that in mind, I asked around the RPS crew whether there’s anything specific they’re keeping an eye out for this Black Friday.

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