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Unlock a rare champion for free when you play Raid: Shadow Legends today

Raid: Shadow Legends is easily one of the biggest freemium games of our time, and if you’ve been meaning to give it a whirl for a while, today might just be the time to do it. Using this promo code, you’ll gain instant access to 200,000 silver, a level 3 chicken, and the rare champion, Mother Superior.
For those who don’t know how the game works, you assemble a team of champions in Raid: Shadow Legends who then have to make their way through a number of dungeons in a quest to defeat the Dark Lord Siroth. Each of these dungeons is broken down into rooms where you face different foes in turn-based battles, which may not be too hard at first, but become more and more challenging as you progress through the game.
By using the code “fun2raid2022” to unlock your bonus, you’ll be in a good starting position for your Shadow Legends journey. Not only is the Mother Superior an excellent champion to have in your party, but by feeding your level 3 chicken to her (or another of your champions) you can help to improve their star ranking and boost their stats. Meanwhile, your extra stash of silver will have a long list of uses, from upgrading your artefacts (weapons), to unlocking more storage space and buying items in the in-game market.

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