Home Politics Trump Will Leave Office Severely Weakened

Trump Will Leave Office Severely Weakened

“Whether President Trump is forced from office or serves out the remaining days of his term, he is now destined to slink out of the White House considerably diminished from the strapping, fearsome force he and his advisers imagined he would be in his post-presidency,” the Washington Post reports.
“Trump had planned to retreat from Washington to plot a comeback that could return him to the White House in four years, but now he will have to contend with a possible second impeachment or perhaps even criminal charges.”
Said GOP strategist Scott Reed: “The way he handled himself in the last 60 days has tarnished his reputation and his ability to be a future leader — and by botching the Georgia Senate races, his entire economic agenda is about to get overturned by the Senate. He’s really gone backwards like no one ever would have imagined.”

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