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The Kid Laroi Situation Is Escalating Rapidly

It has been less than a year since this website published an article headlined “Meet Australian TikTok Emo-Rapper The Kid Laroi, The Sad-Rap Silverchair.” The idea was that this teenager from Waterloo, Australia represented a tipping point for genre-meltdown emo-rap descended from the likes of XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD, the poppier side of the music we used to call SoundCloud rap. (It’s more of a TikTok phenomenon now, but then, isn’t everything?) Laroi, my colleague Tom Breihan argued, was analogous to his fellow Australians Silverchair, the teenage rock band that showed up on MTV a year after Kurt Cobain died, marking the point when grunge had become completely commodified. Tom heard in Laroi’s debut album-or-mitxape-or-whatever Fuck Love the full-on corporatization of this emo-rap wave, but he also heard potential for the project to linger in the top 10 the way releases from numbed, melodic sing-rappers like Lil Baby and Gunna and obvious Laroi predecessor Post Malone do:

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