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Site News: NBA 2K22 PS5, PS4 Review – Where Is It?

It’s coming, a’ight.We’ve already published our Tales of Arise PS5 review and Life Is Strange: True Colors PS5 review, so you may be wondering where our NBA 2K22 review is. This one is going to take a little while, we’re afraid: that’s because due to the online nature of the release we only received review code until about an hour before launch day, 10th September.Our goal with this game is to focus on the PlayStation 5 version first and bring you a full review, however due to the significant differences between next-gen and current-gen, we’ll also be taking a look at the PS4 edition as well. Whether that ends up being a full review or a Mini Review is undetermined at this stage, but there will be two reviews for this game when all’s said and done.Read the full article on pushsquare.com

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