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Review: NBA 2K21 – Perfect for Those in the Bubble, Good for Everyone Else

Ballers only.NBA 2K21 captures the see-saw flow of real-world basketball so well that you’ll feel at one with thousands of virtual fans when you nail a clutch corner three with seconds left on the clock. Visual Concepts’ simulation has, along with the MLB The Show series, always been a cut above the competition when it comes to broadcast-style presentation, and while this year’s edition looks alarmingly similar to its predecessor, it’s still very much in a league of its own.Coronavirus means that this year’s game finds itself in an extraordinary spot. While the oft-discussed Bubble has allowed the NBA to continue the 2019-2020 season safely, it means that you won’t find the usual roster changes that typically accompany a new basketball game. In fact, 2K Sports has even kept player ratings the same as NBA 2K20; the title will be updated for free once the current season concludes later in the year.Read the full article on pushsquare.com

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