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Review: eFootball PES 2021: Season Update – Football, Bloody Hell

Flying without Ings.If you want to know more about eFootball PES 2021: Season Update then you can simply read our review of eFootball PES 2020, as this is almost identical in every single way. To be fair to Konami, it’s been uncharacteristically upfront about the nature of this year’s soccer simulation, pointing out at practically every opportunity that the title’s been touched less than a Liverpool player looking for a penalty.That said, for our money, this is the pinnacle of PlayStation 4 footie – unless the anticipated FIFA 21 can pull a miracle out of one of its pricey Ultimate Team packs. Matches flow with the kind of sharpness and fluidity that EA Sports’ option struggles with, and the whole thing is underpinned by excellent ball physics and animations. The dated commentary style drags the presentation down immensely, but players generally resemble their real-world counterparts – even if you’ll need to download files to put many of them in the correct kits.Read the full article on pushsquare.com

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