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Nintendo highlights indie games that recently made their way to the Switch

Nintendo has been cranking out blogs to recommend Switch games, and each feature has a different theme. With today’s blog, Nintendo is taking a more straightforward approach by discussing games that recently released. Check out their latest recommendations below.


Play as a two-headed dog—Red and Blue—as you set off on a puzzle-filled adventure. Play solo or with a friend to forage through Food World! Linked by a stretchy belly, you’ll need to bark, bite, and bounce your way through obstacles set across the themed worlds of Food, Sleep, and Play.

Monster Sanctuary:

Embark on an adventure where you’ll build a team of monsters and harness their powers to unlock an expansive world. On your quest to become the ultimate Monster Keeper, you must unravel the cause of a mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters.

Among Us:

Gather a Crew of 4-10 players for local* or online** multiplayer as you attempt to hold your spaceship together for departure. But beware: one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on eliminating everyone! Win by finishing your tasks on the ship or voting out and ejecting all the Impostors.


Smash creeps to get huge combos and earn precious Grindstones in this puzzle-battler. Craft in-game gear and overcome devious enemies, obstacles, and boss encounters as you conquer over 200 levels. Want to show off your puzzle-prowess? Check out the daily mode’s leaderboards!

Super Meat Boy Forever:

Dr. Fetus is being a jerk again. This time, he’s kidnapped Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s adorable little baby girl! They’ll be put through the grinder as they jump, slide, punch, and kick through six chapters containing randomly constructed levels that increase in difficulty each time you rank them up.

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