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New World’s Steam reviews are now ‘mostly positive’

Now that the dust is settling on Amazon Games’ New World, people’s true feelings about the new PC game are coming to the fore. One more measurable metric of that sentiment is that New World’s Steam reviews have now shifted from ‘Mixed’ to ‘Mostly Positive’.
Some more recent reviews praise the PvP and the Runescape-like nature of the crafting and gathering gameplay loop. Some of them even compare New World as it is now to what World of Warcraft felt like in the early days. “This is the most immersive MMO I’ve played in years,” one reviewer says. “Very Classic WoW vibe with OSRS skills. Level 29 as of 71 hours. Lots of drama in chat because the game is somewhat competitive, but PvP can be really fun. Really cool map and sound design. Some graphical/audio bugs every now and then. For the vanilla version of Amazon’s flagship MMO, this is a good game. But it could be much better in time.”
New World isn’t entirely out of the woods yet, though. Some of the more negative reviews focus on what some players feel is a lack of story, a world lacking in excitement and soul, and a tedious levelling experience. “New World has some interesting ideas but overall feels shallow and soulless (yet somehow I’m still playing)”, one reviewer concludes.

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