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Mini Review: Skate City (PS4) – Lo-Fi Beats to Kickflip To

Ollie-oop.From publisher Snowman comes Skate City, a port of a 2D mobile game that focuses on trick mastery and moody visuals. The translation from mobile to console isn’t exactly seamless, and performing tricks can be a pain, despite the simple controls. Skate City only rewards absolute precision. Landing what should be rudimentary tricks can become exasperating, as your player stacks it into the same bench over and over again.The game’s aim is to navigate three courses by completing individual challenges and gaining experience points to unlock outfits, boards, and abilities. Unlike its big-budget brethren, it takes a laid-back approach to gameplay. Rarely do the stakes feel high, and the ability to quickly reset each challenge with a hotkey gives it a repetitious vibe.Read the full article on pushsquare.com

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