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DOC NYC 2021 Review: ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA, The Unlikeliest Success Story In Action Cinema

The greatest cinematic surprises often come from the unlikeliest beginnings. In the case of Cathryne Czubek's Once Upon a Time in Uganda, those beginnings are the slums of Wakaliga, Kampala, Uganda. The humble origin story of Wakaliwood and its ever expanding reach across the globe are her subject, and it's both inspirational and aspirational for the audience and its subjects, namely Ramon Film Productions founder and Wakaliwood auteur Isaac Nabwana and his number one cheerleader and liaison to the outside world, Alan Hofmanis. When Hofmanis was shown the trailer for Nabwana's action bonanza, Who Killed Captain Alex a little over a decade ago, it sparked something in him that he needed at that moment. Fresh off a broken engagement and looking for a reason to…

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