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Dead By Daylight getting skill based matchmaking, new HUD, and fixing traps in next update

New year, new Dead By Daylight matchmaking rewards. Developer Behaviour Interactive has posted the first developer update of the year, outlining the fresh ranking system, graphical update, and gameplay tweaks coming to the multiplayer game.

Starting next week on the Player Test Build, players will get rated based on their performance in matchmaking. These were tested last year, and now they’re effectively entering into beta, before becoming a permanent fixture. When skill based matchmaking is properly integrated, we’ll have rewards, too. A certain amount of bloodpoints will be given out at the end of each month, depending on how you did, and how many matches you played.

Two different kinds of graphical upgrades are coming. The HUD has been redone from the ground up, making it cleaner and more utilitarian than ever before. A hook symbol has been added for players that have been nabbed, and portraits will appear beside player names so you can distinguish exactly who you’re looking at. Accessibility options have been increased, allowing you increase and decrease the size of the HUD to your sight needs. Gideon Meat Plant and the Crotus Prenn Asylum were the next maps up for a lick of paint, and they’ll be rolled out looking grimy as ever.

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