Big Sky Recap: A New Case, an Old Boyfriend and Ronald in a Wig

Big Sky made a big return from its hiatus Tuesday, offering up two back-to-back episodes that introduced us to a whole bunch of new...

Grading Every WrestleMania 37 Match Including The SmackDown Women's Title And Universal Championship Matches

WrestleMania 37 served as a nice welcome back to the wrestling world, but how did the matches shake out? Source link

Ahsoka Disney+ Series Synopsis and Star Wars Character Details Leaked?

An alleged leaked synopsis for Disney+ Star Wars series, Ahsoka Tano, confirms the live action debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Source link

'The Bachelor' franchise may be getting new spinoff shows on Hulu

The Bachelor: 'The Bachelor' franchise may be getting new spinoff shows on Hulu. The Bachelor may have one or more spinoffs rolling out soon...

Why Did Wyatt Pike Drop Out of ‘American Idol’?

The singer was revealed as a Top 12 contender but will no longer compete in the fan-favorite music series. Source link

Access Hollywood, Access Daily: Entertainment Series Renewed through 2025

Last month, we reported that the All Access TV series had been cancelled after two seasons and will come to an end in June....

The Voice Recap: As We Head for the Knockouts, Nick Jonas Announces a Battle's Winner — Then Keeps the Loser

The weirdest thing about what happened in Monday’s episode of The Voice wasn’t that Nick Jonas cut the contestant that he and his peers...

The Good Doctor: One Big Way Season 4 Is Beating Other Medical Dramas

Here's the one big way that I see The Good Doctor beating the likes of Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Med and more. Source link
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