Live updates: Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen prepares to testify in U.K.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen is set to testify before the British Parliament. Follow along for live updates. Source link - Read full article

I’m Not a Pilot, but I Just Flew a Helicopter Over California

New technology, a few iPads and a quick tutorial can help anyone act like a pilot. Dealing with air traffic control is another matter. Source...

Age of Empires IV review impressions — Real-time strategy comes back to the mainstream

Age of Empires 4 is a modern update for the classic Microsoft real-time strategy series. It's the first new title in 15 years.Read More Source...

Machine learning in the cloud is helping businesses innovate

In the past decade, machine learning has become a familiar technology for improving the efficiency and accuracy of processes like recommendations, supply chain forecasting,...

‘Bluewashing’ Seafood Won’t Make the World More Green

Recent public messaging encouraging people to eat more seafood conveniently omits information about the environmental impact of fishing. Source link - Read full article

Best VPN service for Amazon Fire TV Stick in 2021 – CNET

Your ISP doesn't need to know what you're binge-watching. Here's how to choose a VPN for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Source link - Read...

How Facebook neglected the rest of the world, fueling hate speech and violence in India

A trove of internal documents show Facebook didn’t invest in key safety protocols in the company’s largest market. Source link - Read full article

A Rare Win in the Cat-and-Mouse Game of Ransomware

A team of private security sleuths, in their first public detailing of their efforts, discuss how they used cybercriminals’ mistakes to quietly help victims...
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other Dies From COVID-19 Three Weeks After Daughter

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Inside Social Media's War Against Pro-Life Information

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