Matt Gaetz’s Sex Trafficking Pal Is Cooperating With The Feds To Bring Him Down

Joel Greenberg has been cooperating with federal investigators since last year and providing evidence against Matt Gaetz. Source link

Amid rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, Democrats move to beef up prosecution

A bill under consideration would try to make it easier to report and prosecute hate crimes against Asian Americans. Source link

U.S. Rescue Plan & the Consequences of Elections

Democrats are a line of defense against GOP efforts to use American Rescue Plan funds as cover to permanently defund government services. Source link

After Backing Military Force in Past, U.S.A.I.D. Nominee Focuses on Deploying Soft Power

If confirmed to oversee the U.S. Agency for International Development, Samantha Power will confront adversaries by bolstering democracy and human rights. China is an...

Why GOP Voter Suppression Efforts May Backfire

David Frum: “You might assume that Georgia Republicans have absorbed such negative information, balanced it, and coldly calculated that the trade is worth it:...

Seth Meyers Explains Why He's Totally Unsurprised That Trump's Snubbing Matt Gaetz

The "Late Night" host threw back to the time the former president repeatedly called the lawmaker by the wrong name. Source link

Man at Riot Curses Out CNN LIVE: Press 'Twisting Up' Story, 'Makes This Worse'

CAUTION: The man who confronted CNN used very explicit language. Reader discretion is advised. On Monday, the community of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota was teetering on...

Top GOP Senator Tells Biden That Republicans Put Corporations Ahead Of Ordinary Americans

A top Republican senator told President Biden during an Oval Office meeting that Republicans place loyalty to corporations ahead of ordinary Americans. Source link
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