Opinion: Republicans Are Encouraging Treason and Inciting Another Insurrection

The Republican motivation appears to be more about inciting another insurrection than simply covering over their own complicity or protecting Trump. Source link

Pelosi and McCarthy relationship hits a new low

She called him a moron; he joked about hitting her with a gavel. The relationship between the House leaders has never been great, but...

The New York Times Lies About Trump Again

The evidence The New York Times cites to allege Trump told a DOJ official to 'just say that the election was corrupt' came in...

Cryptocurrency Industry Wins Concessions in Infrastructure Bill

Cryptocurrency lobbyists had expressed alarm at the prospect of far-reaching scrutiny from the I.R.S. Source link

Americans’ Optimism About Pandemic Dashed

Gallup: “In a dramatic shift from last month, more Americans now say the coronavirus situation in the U.S. is getting worse (45%) rather than...

GOP Lawmaker Changes His Tune On Coronavirus After Nearly Dying Of COVID-19

David Byrd, who attended maskless gatherings, was on a ventilator and needed a liver transplant as a result of the infection. Source link

MSNBC Contributor Spews HATE: Fox News Is Al Jazeera, Trump Is Bin Laden

Jonathan Capehart's Sunday show on MSNBC devoted a segment today to slamming Fox News for its coverage of the January 6th Capitol breach. And...

Report: Trump’s Aides Are Telling Him That He Has to Cut Rudy Giuliani Off

Donald Trump values loyalty over nearly everything else. And for that reason, he has kept Rudy Giuliani around for quite a long time. This...
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